Tips to help you choose the right kinder for your child

Children start learning from birth. At Little Stars we provide a play-based context for continued learning through which children make sense of the world as they engage actively with people, objects, and spaces.

Our quality, government approved kindergarten and preschool programs are developed by early childhood educators and supports children to develop skills and character that enable them to experience success as a learner in the kindergarten/preschool years and beyond.
Our program builds on children’s interests, embedding learning in literacy, numeracy, sustainability, the arts, science, technology, and mathematics (STEM).

Choosing the right kindergarten or preschool program for your child can be an overwhelming task for parents. So here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right centre for your child:

Little Stars - Tips to help you choose the right kinder for your child
  • Is the kindergarten program government approved and delivered by qualified early childhood educators?
  • Is the program play-based with access to indoor and outdoor environments available all day?
  • Does the program have literacy and numeracy embedded through play-based learning?
  • Is the program aligned with Early Years Learning Framework?
  • Are the environments inviting with a range of resources such as special interest areas, art materials, puzzles, and books?
  • Is there an opportunity for children to be involved in art, dance and dramatic play?
  • How will educators work with you to support your child’s learning?
  • What opportunities will there be to discuss your child’s progress?

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