Safety First: Childproofing Your Home for Toddlers 

When you’re holding your tiny, fragile newborn, it’s hard to imagine that one day soon, they’ll be pulling up on the furniture, exploring the cabinets…and perhaps, scaling the bookshelf! Soon, that baby who was once content to gaze around the room, rooted to one spot, will be toddling to and toppling over all those forbidden fragile family heirlooms.

Little Stars - Child safety

Being super mobile means there are new hazards to consider. When your child is old enough to understand, it’s important to explain why certain items are off-limits, like hot stoves and cleaning products. Here are some other things to look out for:


    • While cooking, turn handles of pots and pans towards the back of the stove so they don’t get knocked off and baby can’t reach for them and pull them down
    • Secure cleaning supplies such as knives, scissors, dishwater soap, etc. in drawers with locks or latches or on high shelves
    • Use placemats instead of tablecloths. Tablecloths are easy to pull and can send glasses and sharp silverware falling to the floor
    • Secure refrigerator and/or freezer door with a safety latch
    • If your stove allows, consider removing the knobs and placing them out of baby’s reach, especially if baby can turn the knobs and accidentally turn on the burners.
    • Many kids enjoy playing with child-safe cups and bowls. Consider designating a lower cabinet to items baby can safely play with as you are cooking.


    • Use a safety latch on the toilet – this will also help toys from getting thrown into a cool, new “pool”
    • Make sure to keep hair dryers, and curling irons away from the edge of the counter. Cords hanging down are tempting to pull!

Living Room

    • Mount larger furniture to the wall, if possible. As your little one pulls to stand they will reach for whatever’s nearest to them. Make sure what they’re pulling up on is as sturdy as possible.
    • When guests come over, place purses and bags in high up places where baby can’t get into them.

Laundry Room 

Keep laundry detergent and other dangerous materials on high shelves and out of children’s reach.

All Over the House! 

    • Cover electrical outlets
    • Block off rooms you don’t want baby exploring and staircases with baby gate.
    • Watch the windows. Tie up blinds cords so they are out of reach.
    • Make sure all rugs have non-skid material on the bottom since baby is still unsteadily walking.
    • Cushion the corners of tables and other sharp edges.
    • Be careful with any water bowls for pets – believe it or not, these could pose a drowning risk.

While childproofing gives you a little piece of mind and helps protect your little one, nothing replaces keeping a close eye on your child as they begin walking and exploring their surroundings in a whole new way. Plus, some toddlers can reach higher than you expect! If you’ve planned ahead and made the environment as safe as possible, you’ll feel more comfortable letting your child explore their surroundings, while keeping an eye on them.

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