Meet Rosario Nicole Chua, Centre Director of Little Stars Endeavour Hills

Who am I?

I am currently working as the centre director for Little Stars Early learning and kindergarten Endeavour Hills. I have been working in the early learning sector for three years now. However Early childhood wasn’t always my dream. I used to work as chef before changing my career to early childhood. The biggest reason was because of my youngest brother. As my parents were busy, I was the standing parent for him. I wanted to learn more about children and how to raise my brother better. My first work placement was in Little Stars Early Childhood & Kinder Garten Endeavour Hills. I fell in love with the job, and I never left the sector. I love being part of the children’s learning and I love working with families too.

Little Stars - Meet Rosario Nicole Chua, Centre Director of Little Stars Endeavour Hills

My Philosophy:

I always believe in kindness and that every human should be treated equally regardless of their race, sex, social status, disability, religion, or anything else. I believe that cultural diversity places an important role in early childhood and as an educator I will celebrate the benefits of diversity of each individual child and make them understand and acknowledge differences. I acknowledge that each child is unique and have different capabilities. It is my value as an educator to care for children with love, kindness, and security and to also create an educational environment through play.

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