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During childhood, children tend to vary their food intake (spontaneously) to match their growth patterns. Children’s food needs vary widely, depending on their growth and their level of physical activity. Like energy needs, a child’s needs for protein, vitamins and minerals increase with age. In Little Stars we promote nutrition balanced adequate diet according to child’s requirement.

Our menus are planned on a 4 week rotating basis, which is reviewed by a nutritionist. The menus change seasonally and parents are most welcome to involve in menu designing.

A Perfect Environment with Healthy Nutritious Food

At Little Stars Childcare & Kindergarten, we promote safe food practice with children.

The entire team works to create an environment where your child can make healthy nutritional choices. We think that it is one of the most important steps that we could make to ensure the healthy growth of any child.  

The menu is designed by expert nutritionists. They focus on balance diet on our menu that includes all sorts of nutrients essential for the healthy growth of children. 

We support children’s growth and promote good eating habits in them

Children who learn to eat well can develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle, which has many benefits such as healthy growth and development and preventing long term illness.

At Little Stars Childcare & Kindergarten, educators are in a unique position to support children's development and growth, and to promote good eating habits.

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