Child Care & Early Learning Designed by the Experts on the Global Level

Little Stars Childcare is designed by experts on the global level in early childhood education. Our curriculum provides an amusing educational learning journey including physical and cognitive learning activities. Our Educators are highly qualified and updated with current rules & regulations.

Our priority is to encourage your child to be independent in each development area and achieve long term goals for his/her journey of life. 

We Support Children to Learn, Explore and Grow

We use Early Years Learning Frame Work, which supports children to learn, explore and grow at their own space in exciting learning way. We believe that every child is unique and we treat them as an individual learner and let them adept things in their own way.

We provide a play and inquiry based kindergarten program to support your child’s preparation for school. We follow our own philosophy which connects with “Reggio Emilia”. It is approach teaching, learning and advocacy for children. 

Bottom Line

We provide the best foundation for your child to build his or her future in a respectable manner.

We ensure your child is ready to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of them

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