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Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

The guiding principle of our service is that ‘The best interests of the child are paramount’. How do we make that happen? We begin by making the child the centre of our approach by building everything we do on our Centre philosophy.

Our philosophy is to include all children in our Little Stars family and make a positive contribution to their future success by delivering high-quality education and care. We acknowledge that contemporary research has made explicit the connection between the quality of relationships in children’s early years and their future positive cognitive and social development.

We recognise the importance of quality early childhood education and care practices and settings and acknowledge this is a priority in providing children with stimulating play experiences and learning environments which will positively enable all children to develop to their full potential.

We plan to stimulate indoor and outdoor environments based on play, children’s strengths and interests that support all aspects of children’s learning and provoke exploration, intrigue and discovery as this promotes opportunities for sustained and collaborative learning.

We work in partnership with children, families and the community to develop and plan a curriculum that supports a child’s sense of belonging, being and becoming.

Families are supported to provide their individual contributions and personal experiences as we recognise that good practice in early childhood education and care incorporates these contributions and experiences to develop inclusive care practices and play environments and build our cultural competence.

We are responsive to children’s needs and initiate positive engagement with their families to develop trust and respect to strengthen collaborative relationships.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with families and that this enhances better outcomes for their children.

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